Alii for Non-Profit

Reduce back-office workload and mitigate fraud risks so you can focus on you mission.

Why non-profit organisations choose Alii

Alii provides non-profit organisations with a feature-rich and intuitive ‘Procure to Pay’ platform which streamlines and protects the integrity of your organisations accounts payable function.

Seamless integrations

Alii seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP and Accounting platforms that you already know and love.

Visibility at your fingertips

Never lose a supplier invoice or purchase order again. Best in class dashboards, email alerts provide a new level of visibility for your organisation.

Go paperless

Digitise the procure to pay process, keeping desks clear from paper pileups and allowing you to digitally view, approve and report on your purchase orders and invoices.

Manage complex approvals and workflows

Alii manages complex approvals and delegation of authority for purchases and payments, as well as reducing errors that result from manual data entry.

Increase productivity and reduce costs

Save your finance and admin staff time by automating manual tasks via workflows and automatic invoice scanning technology.

Advanced fraud detection

All invoices are passed through Alii’s proprietary fraud detection engine which has the most advanced technology in the industry.

Identify errors and fraud attempts

Alii’s proprietary fraud detection engine focuses on identifying irregularities while your team focuses on more important tasks.

  • Automated business number validation
  • Automated duplicate check
  • Automated purchase order matching
  • Automated invoice validation

Intuitive dashboards and reporting

The Alii Dashboard provides key decision-making data to your finance and management team regarding budget spend, accrual data and performance metrics.

  • Smart finance dashboards shows purchase order and invoice volume and values
  • Identify bottlenecks and optimise business processes with performance dashboards
  • Create report templates and download on demand
  • Queue reports and download the contents of any queue to a .csv file instantly

Total invoice and purchase order visibility

Know everything there is to know about a transaction at a glance.

  • All transactions through Alii have an inbuilt audit trail. The audit trail will continue updating until the process ends
  • Users can view invoices that are linked to relevant Purchase Orders (and vice versa).
  • Users can not only add a note at each process step but can also set it to notify the next user to ensure it grabs their attention.

Approvals simplified

Whether it's on the go, or in bulk, Alii has your approvals covered!

  • Take control and manage your approval spend limits or approval orders through the Alii self-managed Delegation of Authority tool.
  • Ensure no approval bottlenecks when approvers are on leave. Simply authorise a delegated user to accept and approve on their behalf.
  • If the way you have customized your queue is informative enough, your approvers can bulk approve, to add even more efficiency to the process.

More reasons to love Alii

Bank-level security

Your data is encrypted and protected with bank-level security.

Works on all devices

Our cloud-based platform runs on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Anytime, anywhere.

Data stored in Australia

Your sensitive accounts and procurement data is stored here at home, under Australian law.

securely

Protect your system and keep you IT team happy with multi-factor authentication and single sign on.

Continuously innovating

Built on modern architecture, the Alii platform is continuously scaling meaning you get all the latest features and  updates delivered automatically.

Zero risk commitment

No upfront payment or fees. The subscription only kicks in when Alii solution has been approved and deemed ‘Business Ready’ by you.

Get started with Alii

With solutions suited to your organisation and a range of industry leading integrations, Alii ensures your team is in safe hands.