Case Study: How Mentone Grammar digitised and automated their entire accounts payable operations with Alii.


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Teaching and admin staff

"Alii has enabled us to streamline and create a paperless environment by digitising and automating our entire accounts payable operations.

We rolled out our delegations of authority, purchasing rules and our procedures. We now have a standard finance operating procedure across the whole school"
Julie Aarons, Finance Manager, Mentone Manager


Mentone Grammar is an independent, Anglican co-educational grammar school in Melbourne's bayside. With students across Early Learning to Year 12, Mentone Grammar employs more than 250 teaching and admin staff.

With close to 100 years of operation, Mentone Grammar is committed to not only providing quality teaching and empowering learners but also digital transformation, ensuring digital competency for school leavers as well as increasing efficiency across school operations.

The Challenge

Mentone Grammar was seeking an accounts payable solution to optimise their operations through allowing for pre-commitment of all expenditure as per delegations of authority, as well as reducing manual input for invoices.

Additionally, the solution had to integrate with the existing school management and finance system and allow for seamless linking between the two.

The Results

Mentone Grammar partnered with Alii to optimise their accounts payable processes. Through utilising Alii, Mentone Grammar have been able to digitise their accounts payable and procurement process - completely removing the need for paper-based invoices and increasing operational accountability and visibility.

Alii provided Mentone Grammar with the vehicle to perform purchase orders allowing for roll out of delegations of authority, purchasing rules and purchasing procedures to create a standardised operating procedure across the whole school.

Within the first few months of implementation, Mentone Grammar had seen 70% of their expenditure captured within purchase orders. Today, Mentone Grammar have 100% of their expenditure captured within purchase orders, allowing for greater control and visibility.

Why Alii

Reduced manual input: Mentone Grammar has reduced time-consuming manual data entry tasks and the need for invoice scanning and transformed their accounts payable processes to be fully paperless.

Increased accountability: With integrated delegations of authority, Mentone Grammar have been able to implement pre-commitment of all expenditure and allow for spend approvals between different departments.

Improved governance: With an inbuilt audit trail and linking of invoices and purchase orders, and a direct integration with their existing school management and finance software, Mentone Grammar have been able to improve their auditing procedures with all trails accounted for.

Increased visibility: Utilising Alii's reporting dashboards, Mentone Grammar have been able to take control of their data and analyse their expenditure and gain efficiency.

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