Invoice Fraud Prevention

Stay protected against fraud and identify errors all within the Alii™ platform.

How it works

Give your team the confidence to process invoices securely with automated fraud prevention tools.

Alii Integrity Checks

The Alii fraud-detection engine scans and alerts your team against fraud and errors.

  • Business Number Validation – Makes automated checks against business records to ensure the supplier validity.
  • Internal Supplier Details Validations – Automatically checks whether the supplier details on the invoice match master supplier records.
  • Duplicate Matching – Automatically makes sure the received invoice is unique.
  • Purchase Order Matching – Automatically identifies whether the invoice references a purchase order, and whether the supplier and purchase details match what is on the invoice and automatically importing the PO approval if it matches.
  • Bank Account Verification – Automatically validates that the bank account listed on the invoice matches the one in supplier records.
  • Leading Edge OCR Engine – Extract and validate invoices without the need the manual input.

Visual Audit Trail

All transactions through Alii have an inbuilt audit trail, allowing you to have a full view of the whole process. The audit trail will continue updating until the process ends.

Delegations of Authority

Take control and manage your approval spend limits or approval orders through the Alii self-managed Delegation of Authority tool.

Security at the core

  • All data stored in Australia
  • Bank-level security & encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Single sign On

Get started with Alii

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