Alii™ Approvals

Whether it's on the go, or in bulk, Alii has your approvals covered!

Customised to your business rules

The Alii Approvals features allows you to implement your approval business rules on your own terms.

Delegation Of Authority

Take control and manage your approval spend limits or approval orders through the Alii self-managed Delegation of Authority tool. Customise your organisation's delegation of authority with rules dictating spend amount, department, location with multiple levels of approvers.

Mobile Approvals

Ensure purchase orders can be processed even while away from the desk. The entire Alii experience is available on all hand-held devices via web browser.

Bulk Approval

Streamline the approval process with approval queues. Approvers can save time and set up customised queues to bulk approve everything on their assigned list.

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With solutions suited to your organisation and a range of industry leading integrations, Alii ensures your team is in safe hands.