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The state of fraud

In 2021, ACCC's Scamwatch received reports of:

$300 m+

Lost to scam in 2021

$13 m+

Lost to invoice fraud alone


Scam Reports Received

With reports rising year upon year, how can organisations protect their team and their assets against the risks of invoice fraud and alike?

Alii™ invoice fraud prevention

Alii provides organisations with smart automation tools designed to identity fraud risks at the source.

Automated integrity checks

Alii’s proprietary fraud detection engine focuses on identifying irregularities while your team focuses on more important tasks.

  • Automated business number validation
  • Automated duplicate check
  • Automated purchase order matching
  • Automated invoice validation

Automated approvals

Alii's multi-level delegations of authority feature allows teams to set approval rules based on spend amounts, departments and locations and add an extra layer of protection to the procure-to-pay process.

Automated auditing

All actions taken throughout the transaction process are documented in a visual audit trail, allowing you to have full view of all requests, approvals, changes and updates from the start to the very end.

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