Payment Management

Manage the entire procure to pay process all within the Alii™ platform.

How it works

From requisition to goods received, Alii helps you keep track of your payments.

Set and Manage Budgets

Take control and manage your department budgets and be notified when purchase orders are beyond department budgets.

Purchase Orders

Your staff can have access to simple web-forms to complete procurement requests, which will automatically follow a pre-defined workflow to ensure appropriate approvals.

Accounts Payable

With pre-determined workflows, Alii will automatically post the invoice details, images and audit trail into your accounts system.

Invoice Fraud Prevention

Alii validates and checks your purchase orders and invoices to protect against invoice fraud risks before payment has been made.

Get started with Alii

With solutions suited to your organisation and a range of industry leading integrations, Alii ensures your team is in safe hands.