Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Alii™

What is Alii?

Alii is world first SaaS software to protect & streamline accounts payable & procurement functions for education institutions, law firms, non-profit and enterprise organisations.

How will Alii enhance our existing P2P and accounts payable process?

Alii adds to your existing P2P and accounts payable process through providing process automation solutions and mitigates against fraud risks.

We have a trusted AP team, why do we need Alii?

Alii adds and extra layer of protection to your organisation to safeguard against fraud and scam risks and helps to further prevent errors.

Does Alii handle multiple authorisation levels?

Using the delegation of authority matrix, you can setup a well-defined cascaded approval structure in Alii which goes up to 6 levels of authorisation if required.

How does Alii safeguard us from invoice fraud?

All incoming invoices go through the proprietary invoice fraud engine to ensure all Alii customers are protected from invoice fraud.

Can we digitise our purchase requisition process through Alii?

Alii provides a fully end to end solution to digitise and automate your entire Procure-to-pay cycle including purchase requisitions.

What devices can use Alii be used with?

Alii is a web-based application that has been designed to work with any web enabled device with a network connection. Alii utilizes a responsive web application to scale appropriately to mobile, tablet and desktop devices

Does integrating Alii require a lot of work by our IT team?

The Alii platform is integrated into your systems using integration certified API's.

What happens if we need to change our systems or financial package after implementing Alii?

As a fully scalable cloud-based solution, Alii can easily lift and shift if you need to change your student admin or financial package. We have API's and local data connectors to cater for cloud and on prem solutions.

Where is the data stored?

Your data is stored at home under Australian law. You can read more about our data and security here.

Does Alii support SSO or MFA?

Alii supports SSO as a standard feature, there is an option to enhance security further using Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for a small additional monthly fee

How long does it take to go live?

Through multi known integrations, we can get you running in little to no time.