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Making the case for paperless

Getting invoice and payment approvals is consistently ranked as a top challenge for AP professionals. Pymnts.com has reported that:


Sheets of A4 paper used per person per year


Of all invoices are handled manually


Average cost of a paper-based invoice for the business

Alii™ Digitisation

Alii provides organisations with the tools to remove paper-based accounts payable processes and digitise the end-to-end process.

Gain greater insights

The Alii Dashboard provides key decision-making data to your finance and management team regarding budget spend, accrual data and performance metrics.

  • Smart finance dashboards shows purchase order and invoice volume and values
  • Identify bottlenecks and optimise business processes with performance dashboards
  • Create report templates and download on demand
  • Queue reports and download the contents of any queue to a .csv file instantly

Mitigate fraud risks

Alii’s proprietary fraud detection engine focuses on identifying irregularities while your team focuses on more important tasks.

  • Automated business number validation
  • Automated duplicate check
  • Automated purchase order matching
  • Automated invoice validation

Total invoice and purchase order visibility

Know everything there is to know about a transaction at a glance.

  • All transactions through Alii have an inbuilt audit trail. The audit trail will continue updating until the process ends
  • Users can view invoices that are linked to relevant Purchase Orders (and vice versa).
  • Users can not only add a note at each process step but can also set it to notify the next user to ensure it grabs their attention.

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With solutions suited to your organisation and a range of industry leading integrations, Alii ensures your team is in safe hands.