Alii™ Invoice Pipeline

Display all active invoices and identify road-blocks in a colour-coded pipeline.

View everything seamlessly

The Alii reporting functions allows your team to be able to gain greater insights into invoice process flow and easily identify road-blocks, allowing invoices to move forward faster.

Stay updated at every stage

Invoices are automatically filed under the the relevant pipeline stage allowing your team to visually keep updated on the invoice progress from pre-coding to final review. The filter options allows your team to drill down even further and view exactly what they are after.

Colour-coded overview

The colour-coded blocks allow your team to visually see what invoices are on track, off track and at risk. The simple colour filters allow your team to further drill down into invoice status updates.

Ask for updates

Need an update on the status of an invoice? Simply click on the profile image assigned to the task and ask for an update at the pipeline level. The update is then sent to the assigned user as an in-app notification and an email.

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