Alii Dashboard

The Alii™ Dashboard provides key decision-making data to your finance and management team regarding budget spend, accrual data and performance metrics. The Alii™ Dashboard provides relevant, consistent and visually informative charts

Finance Dashboard

The Finance Dashboard shows purchase order and invoice volume and values. The Dashboard represents the data in varying ways, as relevant to specific decision making requirements. The user can click-through the Dashboard all the way to specific purchase orders or invoices making up the data, and can download data and images direct from the Dashboard.

Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard shows data relevant to the processes themselves, to assist users in identifying bottle-necks in the process. The Performance Dashboard can identify purchase orders and invoices that have been delayed in the process, and can be drilled into for the user to identify the exact purchase order or invoice that is causing the delay.

Alii Reports

Create the perfect report or download directly from your queue.

Alii Report Builder

Create report templates and download on demand.

Alii Queue Reports

Download the contents of any queue to a .csv file instantly.

Alii Dashboard Downloads And Reports

Selecting a bar or line in any dashboard tile will show all data that makes up the bar. A user with access to dashboards can then download the information pertaining to the tile. Users with dashboard access can also download any of the tiles as a JPEG for use in external reports.

Alii Visibility

Know everything there is to know about a transaction at a glance.

Audit Trail

All transactions through Alii™ have an inbuilt audit trail. The audit trail will continue updating until the process ends.

Linked Files

Users can view invoices that are linked to relevant Purchase Orders (and vice versa).


Users have the ability to not only add a note at each process step, but can also set it to notify the next user to ensure it grabs their attention.

Approvals Simplified

Whether it's on the go, or bulk approvals, Alii™ has covered!

Delegation Of Authority

Take control and manage your approval spend limits or approval orders through the Alii™ self-managed Delegation of Authority tool.

Delegated Approvers

Ensure no approval bottle-necks when approvers are on leave. Simply authorise a delegated user to accept and approve on their behalf. Coming Soon: Delegated approver date range selecter.

Mobile Aprovals

The entire Alii™ experience is available on all hand-held devices via web browser.Coming Soon: The Alii™ App!

Bulk Approval

If the way you have customized your queue is informative enough, your approvers can bulk approve, to add even more efficiency to the process.

Alii Customized

Information is meaningful to different people in different ways for different reasons. This is why we have made the Alii™ experience customizable at a user level.

Alii Queues

All Alii™ queues can be customized by the user to group tasks to suit the way they work on tasks. The user can also select the columns that they want to see, so they can quickly and easily identify each task at a glance.

Dark And Light Themes

Each user has the option to view Alii™ in it's traditional light theme, or the alternative dark theme, to match with their general workspace

Your security is our priority

All data stored in Australia

Bank-level security & encryption

Multi-factor authentication

Single-sign On

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