Alii Purchase Orders

Your staff can have access to simple web-forms to complete procurement requests, which will automatically follow a pre-defined workflow to ensure appropriate approvals, whilst keeping the requester informed of its progress every step of the way.

Alii Accounts Payable

Invoices sent to Alii™ will go through a specially trained Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process to extract key information from the invoice. Using the Purchase Order number extracted from the invoice, Alii™ will pull purchase order details to a digital invoice form.

Once checked through the pre-determined workflows, Alii™ will automatically post the invoice details, images and audit trails into your Accounting system.

Why is Alii™ Different?

Alii™ is feature-rich already, but that does not stop us from regularly releasing new features, in line with improvement that will be valuable for your organisation.

Advanced Fraud Detection

Our advanced fraud detection engine is always being sharpened giving you the best protection in the industry

Education & Legal only

Our product is purpose built for the schools and law firms.

Fast & Easy Installation

We integrate with all the favorite platforms used by education & legal firms making installation simple & easy

100% Cloud

Because our product is true SaaS (Software as a Service) when you subscribe to Alii you get all new features, updates and any new versions released over time automatically

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