Alii Launches 'I Need A Day Off' Initiative to Enhance Employee Well-being

January 16, 2024

In a time where boundaries between work and personal life can become blurred, Alii is taking a crucial step to redefine workplace culture by introducing the ‘I Need a Day Off (Alii Day)’ initiative. Set to launch in 2024, this program is designed to enrich the lives of Alii team members by prioritising their mental health and overall well-being.  


The Genesis of the ALII Day Initiative  

Here at Alii, we recognise the paramount importance of mental health and its profound impact on overall job satisfaction and productivity. Therefore, starting in 2024, we are set to grant each team member four Alii Days annually - Alii Leisure, Inspiration, and Independence Days. These are not just days off but valuable opportunities for our employees to engage in self-care, relaxation, and personal development, recharging their creativity and enthusiasm.  


Aligning with Global Leaders in Employee Wellness  

In launching this initiative, Alii aligns itself with global SaaS leaders who have acknowledged and acted upon the crucial role of mental health in the workplace. We are proud to join this movement, affirming our belief that a healthy work environment is fundamental to both individual and organisational achievement.  


A Message from Our CEO  

Chamil Fernando, Alii's CEO, shares his insights: "At the core of Alii's ethos is a deep-seated commitment to our team's well-being. The 'I Need A Day Off' initiative is more than just a policy; it's a reflection of our dedication to each individual in our Alii family. We're not just investing in days off; we're investing in the emotional and mental prosperity of our team, which, in turn, fosters a more dynamic and resilient business environment."  


Echoes from Our Team Members  

Tony Pentogenis, Head of Onboarding, expresses his enthusiasm: "This initiative marks a significant shift in how we approach work-life balance. It’s heartening to see Alii prioritise our mental health, which, in my opinion, is revolutionary in today's corporate world."  


Gillian Ogilvie, Solutions Manager, adds her perspective: "Alii's initiative profoundly underscores the company's dedication to our health and well-being. The introduction of Alii Days is not just a gesture, but a significant commitment, deeply appreciated for acknowledging and prioritising the crucial need for us to take time to nurture our mental well-being. It's a clear indication that our health is paramount, making this initiative especially important and valued”  


A Vision for the Future: Enriching Lives and Cultivating Productivity  

The introduction of Alii Days is anticipated to be a catalyst for positive change, benefiting not only our employees but also the overall health of our organisation. By placing mental well-being at the forefront, we aim to elevate job satisfaction, spark innovation, and create a supportive, thriving workplace. This initiative is a cornerstone of Alii's strategy to promote comprehensive success and well-being for our entire team.

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