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"Alii allows us to centralise our accounts payable and maximise our resources and efforts. With Alii our Accounts Payable Officer is able to process Purchase Orders for all 18 locations and manage suppliers all in one system."
Michael Scholz , Chief Financial Officer, Place


Place is Queensland's largest independent real estate agency with a primary purpose to help people find their happy place. With a focus on innovation and quality, Place boasts impressive sales, profitability and customer satisfaction, accelerated by the tactical use of technology, marketing and unique service structure. With 18 locations across Brisbane, Place employs more than 400 team members across across sales, support, marketing, operations, administration and finance.

Established in 2002, Place has established itself as a market leader backed by award-winning success.

The Challenge

Place was seeking a solution to centralise their accounts payable and invoice processing operations with invoices from all 18 office locations being directed to Place HQ to process. As part of the solution, having a set of approval rules alongside reporting dashboards to provide visibility to budgets vs spend for each location, all while creating greater efficiencies was important.

The solution required also needed to provide checks against duplicate and fraudulent invoices to protect the organisation.

Additionally, the solution had to integrate with MYOB, and allow for seamless data transfer and invoice posting between the two.

The Results

Place partnered with Alii to optimise their processes and create a centralised accounts payable solution that allows all 18 Place offices to submit their Purchase Orders and be centrally managed at Place HQ by a single Accounts Payable officer.

With Alii, Place have been able to increase visibility within the procure-to-pay process, proving real-time updates on the progress of purchase orders to office operations managers and staff as well as setting up location specific approval flows to ensure purchase orders are carried out in a timely manner.

Additionally, Place are able to provide their Executive Team peace of mind against fraud and error risk with automated integrity checks validating supplier information before a purchase order has been paid and check for multiple invoices to avoid duplicate payments.

With rolling out Alii within the organisation, Place have seen a 78% efficiency saving with accounts payable and invoice processing, and are expecting the efficiencies to continue to grow as the organisation continues to grow!

Why Alii

Increased efficiency: With Alii, Place are able to process 18 office invoices with a single Accounts Payable Officer.

Reduced fraud and error risk: Through Alii's integrity detection engine, Place are able to identify errors and fraud attempts and ensure invoices and purchase orders are matched and correct, providing peace of mind.

Increased accountability: With integrated delegations of authority and expenditure limits, Place can implement rules across the 18 offices, and provide real time updates on the progress of purchase orders and invoices.

Maximised reporting: With Alii's reporting dashboards, Place are able to gain deeper insights into their expenditure and foster better supplier relationships through understanding their main supplier costs.

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